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School Is Out- vacation in Virginia Beach

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School is now out all over the country and for at least one month parents can relax a bit and enjoy some quality time with their children. It is vacation time and even though adults will still have to work during the summer, you need to plan a vacation. A recent study said Americans work the most hours and take the least vacation of all the people in the world.

I know that is true because it is not something I do. It is easy to just keep working because you feel you cannot afford a vacation. This is when you have to tell yourself, “Yes I Can.” Stop telling your children how poor you are and how you cannot afford a vacation and begin to ask yourself the question, what do We need to do so we can take a vacation.

It is no wonder Americans are so stressed out and their tolerance level is so low. Everything gets us anxious and upset. People are ready to blow up at the slightest irritation or problem. Tell yourself you will find a way to go on a vacation. One of the beautiful places to go to is Virginia Beach. There are so many historical places in Virginia. In my blog tomorrow I will look at some places to visit and some things to do in Virginia Beach and it won’t ruin your bank account. Enjoy your day.