Tiger Woods – Off the Prowl

Golf and Tiger Woods

Hello world,

Last week golf saw the emergence of a bright, skilled, young golfer who won “The Masters.” Many wondered if it’s time to look for a new Tiger Woods. I did not watch because I just never had the time, but I kept listening to hear if this golfer was going to set the kind of record I heard he was on pace to set. I’m sure there were millions who kept an ear open, but surprisingly, the ratings were not as high on Sunday as they would have been if Tiger Woods was in it. That leads to the question regarding the future of golf without the domination of Tiger Woods. Will golf ever regain its popularity if Tiger Woods is not playing?

Each of the major sports seem to have one or two stars that have pull. Golf has Tiger Woods. Basketball has Kobe, Lebron, Durant, Rose and many others. Baseball has the Yankees as a team. Anytime they are not in the playoffs or World Series, many people lose interest. Football has Vick, and Peyton and Bush among other. I’m sure hockey has too. It does seem to me that golf just had one big name that people could always count on and that was Tiger.

Tiger is older now than when he was recalling teeing it up on the green. He is not an old man by any standards or any stretch of the imagination- not even for golf. Golf seems to be one of those sports that you can play no matter how old you are. The problem could be Tiger’s frame of mind. His mental attitude could be hindering his physical altitude. Tiger has not been the same since that now infamous Thanksgiving night.

Of course, no one needs feel sorry for Tiger as far as money goes. If he spends a million each year he would still have enough to live off for another 100 years. So, short of some really bad investment he is financially secure for life. He is still being paid for endorsements even though we don’t see too many if them on television. Maybe the new ones will come once he gets back on the prowl. It is funny how we are willing to embrace our sports stars when they do wrong. Tiger would never survive such a scandal if he were a politician. Look at Anthony Weiner. First of all, with a name like “Weiner” he should have been careful of the Weiner jokes. Those alone could wear him down. The advantage of being in a situation where you
Make your own way prosperous is what has allowed Tiger, Vick, Ray Lewis, and very soon Plaxico Burress to make a comeback. While this is happening the golf world wonders if Tiger will ever regain his number one world ranking. We hope he does get back on the prowl.</p<