2011 NBA Draft -The Results

NBA Draft

Hello basketball world,

Last night the 2011 NBA draft dribbled off in Newark, New Jersey and with much fanfare. All eyes and ears were on the Cleveland Cavaliers as to who they would chose with their number one pick. Mr. David Sterns uttered these words last night, “The Cleveland Cavaliers select Tyre Irving from Duke University.” Then the Cavaliers also selected Triston Thompson. Did that make them a winner or loser? When you do research and come to a conclusion, should you change your mind at the last minute. The number one pick in this year’s draft really has not netted a franchise player.

The players are good but not great as yet. However, they are young and we cannot say that they will not go from good to great. Remember Michael Jordan? Knicks took a shooting guard who knows to play defense. Hope that rubs off on others. Is the Knicks a winner or loser in the draft? Seemed they messed this up again.

Nets got Brooks and Jordan Williams- not sure if that makes the Nets a contender in the East. I still believe New York, Miami, Atlanta, Orlando and Sixers are ahead of them. How about those Wizards? The
Washington Wizards seemed to have done the best for John Wall as they rebuild. They got two great draft picks. Winner or loser?