Derek Jeter and the New York Yankees- Play Ball!



Play Ball!

Hello world,

Now that the NBA season is over, so too is the talk about Lebron James. He us in the Bahamas enjoying his lifestyle. So, while the owners and players have until the end of the month to work out an agreement, we can now turn our attention to baseball. Before we do that let me congratulate the Boston Bruins for winning the Stanley Cup. They were certainly the underdogs in the series, but now they are the top dog. Way to go Bruins!

Just going back to the Boston Bruins and the Dallas Mavericks we learn that it is not how you start, but how you finish. That brings me to the 2011 MLB baseball season. The Boston Red Sox started out 0-6 and many were ruling them out of the playoffs. But today, the Red Sox are a game and a half in front of the New York Yankees and first place in their division. That tells me no matter how you stumbled out of the starting blocks of life you can recover if you stay focused and consistent. Yankee nation- keep believing. Derek Jeter is down but he is not out. He will have his 3,000 hits whether at home or on the road. A-Rod will start swinging even harder and the Yankees are going to make it.

The New York Yankees will catch the Boston Red Sox and win the division. Nothing else will do for them and their loyal fans. In the meantime- let’s play ball!