Lebron James Learns Life Is Not A Beach

Lebron James and the South Beach Bummers

Hello world,

Dallas Mavericks played great down the stretch to beat Lebron James and the South Beach Bummers. Nonetheless, instead of all the talk being about Dallas and their win, the talk is about Lebron James and the Miami Heat. It is very interesting that in Cleveland the governor has issued a proclamation about Dallas and in Miami the Herald Newspaper has an ad from Macy’s congratulating the Heat on being champions. Is Lebron James such a bad person? No, of course not. He was right in his comments that all who wanted to see him fail and not win a championship got what they wanted, but while they will go on with their miserable lives he will continue to live the life of a king. It is true.

However, Mr. James needs to understand that it is how he did what he did that has drawn the wrath of people. It would be hard to find any Lebron “hater” who would not acknowledge that he is a gifted basketball player, but if hi fans were to be true, they would say all the gloating and mocking were not necessary. Lebron James let the moment took him out of character, and Dwayne Wade who should have known better did not do better. Lebron should be copying Wade, not the other way around.

Wade single-handedly won a championship and in seven years Lebron did not. So, while there are people who “hate” Lebron the basketball player because of what how he “spoils people with his play,” they know that Lebron has overcome many adversities and has handled it well up to last year. The series is over and we need to put the Dallas Mavericks back in the spotlight. The media created “king James” and when he acts anything but, they are ready to crucify him. If Lebron does not learn from this debacle he has a tough head. He needs to spend half of the summer getting his head together and the other half getting his moves together. There is no guarantee that the Heat will have the chance next year. Remember Kobe and the Lakers earlier this year. It was so unceremonious how they made their exit out if the playoffs. The Bible is truth, ” a house divided against itself” cannot stand.

The Heat will eventually win a few championships, but had they done it this year, the impact would’ve been great.