Lebron James and the Miami Heatles

Lebron James Feels the Heat

Hello world,

Is it possible that the Miami Heat are going out tomorrow night? There seems to be a lot of hate directed towards Lebron James and it just might be too much for the “king.” Lebron James is a great basketball player and whether he wins a championship or not he will be in the Hall of Fame. Nonetheless there is a lesson he never learned last year and probably still has not yet learned and that is “pride goes before a fall.” There was no need for him and Dwayne Wade to mock Dallas star, Dirk Nowitzki. Could their arrogance be their downfall? Wait until you win then you can do cartwheels and gloat, but until then, just go quietly and show the world that you can win. If the Dallas Mavericks win tomorrow night, the Miami Heat will only have themselves to blame.