Miami Heat and Lebron James

Dallas Mavericks Very Hot

Hello world,

The Dallas Mavericks are one win away from the NBA Championship. I believe if they do not win it this year, they are going to be waiting for a long time. There will be strong challenges from OKC, Portland, and San Antonio whenever there is a next season. That means this is their year. All the pieces seemed to have fallen into place for them to make it to the finals. They just need to win one of two. I sure hope they can do it and “spoil Lebron with their play.”

Many of the experts are beating up on the Miami Heat instead of acknowledging how good the Mavericks are playing. They forgot that one team cannot play in the finals. I’m glad Mark Jackson is going to coach the Golden States Warriors. I wish him lots of luck, may he have more success in coaching than he did in broadcasting.