Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day Gifts

Hello world,

Father’ Day is coming up and the advertisers are trying hard to get people interested? Why? When Mother’s Day is coming the hype is tremendous and people don’t need the advertisers to get them excited. There seems to be a special energy when it comes to Mother’s Day. There are many reasons we could come up with as to why this is so. I won’t venture to suggest nothing in this forum as yet, but all I will say is conduct a poll amongst your peers and see how they feel.

The goal of this blog is to get you to remember that we needed a mother and a father to bring us here. So, if you have your father then get him something special for Father’s Day. Maybe you don’t know your father, but there is someone else who has been a father figure to you, or maybe an uncle, or a teacher, or a mentor. Show them your appreciation of Father’s Day. In tomorrow’s blog I will suggest some gift ideas.

One of the things I observe about men is that many of them do not care their skin, especially their hands. Mary Kay has special skin care products for men. You can visit the website at http://www.marykay.com. Another thing I see is that when we give them gifts we look for tools. Unless he is really a handyman I would suggest looking at other gift ideas.