Graduations Photographs and the Class of 2011

Graduation Pictures- How To Save

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The graduations are in full swing especially at high school and elementary schools. Most colleges are done by now and they have started summer sessions. After all, there is a financial bottom line that the colleges cannot ignore. More about that at another time.

One of the things I notice was that the more things change the more they remain the same if you knew what they were before. One of the things that has changed, yet in a way remains the same is that of graduation pictures. The parents or the graduates are still packages are the same. So even with the proliferation of digital cameras, photographers can still find work. That brings me to the topic of graduation photos. Now, I know you want to get the package, but how many wallet size photos do you really need. Furthermore, they are so small, relatives and friends are going to want at least a 4×6. I am talking mostly to parents because the remainder of June is going to be high school and elementary schools graduation. The packages can be expensive.

This is what I would suggest to parents who have limited resources for photos. I suggest you take the least expensive package and then you hire someone for the graduation and the graduation party. Your graduate will have much more memories. Those photos will include their friends and family and years from now they will be able to go back and see a more complete documentary of their graduation day. You can share the event with your friends and you will all be able to look back when they graduate college.

In my next blog I’m going to address the outlook for the class of 2011 from all levels of the education steps.


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