Shaq Retires and the Basketball World Is Sad



Shaq The Legend

Hello world,

Shaquille O’Neal, one of the greatest big men to play center in the National Basketball Association announced his retirement today. He is a first ballot hall of fame inducteer. In what should not be a surprise, especially with next season of the NBA not happening due to the CBA, he is definitely doing the right thing at the right time.

Today is a traveling day for the two teams in the playoffs, so whosoever has an invitation can fly up to Shaq’s house in Orlando for the press conference and party. It is a nice gesture and Shaq has certainly earned the right to have the focus on him. Last year Lebron held us captive awaiting his “decision.” Shaq just gives a heads up to everybody and then make his announcement. He is simply a class act.

Shaq has proved that you can be a superstar and be human and stay away from foolishness that could ruin your career. He made his money and he will continue to make more money because he is just that talented. As a matter of fact, in December he will be Dr. Shaquille O’Neal and it won’t be an honorary degree. He is doing his dissertation as we speak. That’s a guy with his head fully screwed on his body. Congratulations, Shaq. You are the man.

Shaq will not be short of offers for television because he is that good and he has the star power and the personality. Do not be surprised if he is on TNT or ESPN before the playoffs are all over. Look for him in movies and commercials. Like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan, Shaq will not have to look for work. Work will find him. He developed all his gifts, so even at the age of 39 he has so much life ahead of him. The sky truly is the limit.