Too Much Heat for the Chicago Running of the Bulls

No More Bull Run<br />

Hello world,

The Miami Heat was too much for a Chicago “Bull” run and just like that the team with the MVP, coach of the year, and best record in the NBA regular season are off to play golf. Last night the Miami Heat came with a late surge and won 83 to 80. More and more it is looking like the Heat are going to win it all. The Chicago Bulls wilted under the heat and just were not able to run. Too much heat.

Where does the Bulls go from here? Are we going to see a change in their roster? Does the fact that Miami has the big three make it a must for other teams with one superstar to seek help? Boston did it first and won. Now Miami did it and they are back in the NBA finals 2011.

What does that mean for Dwight Howard, and Chris Paul? Are they going to stay where they are and never win anything or are they going to try to team up with other superstars? The off season is going to be very interesting to say the least. There will be many moves as teams try to get in a position to compete. Stay tuned!