The End of the World Is Not Yet!

Judgment Day- Delayed

Hello world,

If you are reading this you are still on earth, and it is not the new earth. The world did not end yesterday at 6pm according to the owner of Family Radio, Harold Camping. So we live another day and the world keeps spinning on its axis. No one has seen or heard from Harold Camping since 6pm. Any ideas what happened to him? It just goes to show that if you have the power, or if you own the radio station you can say anything.

Many people are breathing a sigh of relief because they have an opportunity to turn their lives around. Others are not so relieved because they were hoping they would get the things that the others left behind. Well, better luck next judgment day.

On a serious note though, did you believe the Judgment Day prediction? Was it a ploy for Family Radio to get more listeners. Obviously, they have a number of listeners who really believe. It is mind- boggling how people who do not read the Bible know so much about the Bible, and those who read it to be so confused. Jesus says, “no man knows the day nor the hour,” so how is it that people are going to believe a man who made the same prediction in 1974 and now again in 2011?

Enjoy the day now that you are still here. Celebrate your family and friends so that when the real judgment day comes we will all be ready.