Boston Celtics Get Heatstroke

Ball Don't Lie

Ball Don’t Lie

Celtics Can’t Take The Heat

Hello world,

How hath the mighty fallen! The mighty Los Angeles Lakers who has been a staple in the NBA finals for years are out in the second round. If going out in a sweep was not bad enough, Andrew Bynum showed no class by attacking a helpless player and then ripping off his shirt when he got ejected. Had he played the game the right way from the start there would be no need to hack the player with 30 seconds left in the game. Phil Jackson deserved much better than that.

The other team we had become accustomed to seeing was the Boston Celtics. They are now down 1-3 as they wilted under the heat last night. Is that a good thing for the NBA that so far the only familiar team left is the Dallas Mavericks? How interested are you in watching the games now? Are you rooting for the “Heatles” or are you hoping against all hope that the Celtics will be revived.