Lakers Swept Clean!

Lakers Ball Don't Lie

Lakers Ball Don’t Lie

Lakers Implode And Got Swept

No More Show time Lakers<br /> P>Hello world,</p> <p>When the <b>Lakers</b> went down 0-2 some experts claim it was a worrying sign, but the Lakers had the ability to bounce back. They even went on to say that the Lakers had a better chance of rebounding than Boston Celtics were also down 0-2. Since then the Celtics have won one at home and seemed to be ready to rock. The tale of two cities is simply that the Lakers got swept and the Celtics are left to fight another day. Who are the real experts?</p> <p>There are some people (the experts) who believe that Lakers lost because of their bad plays more so than Mavericks winning because of their good plays. Regardless of how you look at it, one thing remains true today and that is, the Lakers are out of the playoffs.</p> <p>So, Phil Jackson is done and it was not the way he wanted to go out, so maybe he’ll be back in New York in 2012 if the world does not end according to Mayan Calendar. In all seriousness, Phil Jackson really seemed like he had reached his plateau in coaching this season. Fisher, and Artest are done with Lakers. Kobe has to learn how to balance things and treat people well, because he needs a team. If he doesn’t recognize this his days of winning are over.</p> <p>