Osama Bin Laden- Hidden In Plain View

Osama In Plain View

Hello world,

With the death of Osama Bin Ladin people are wondering how cooperative Pakistan really was during the whole process. For almost ten years people lived their lives in fear and trembling, while Osama Bin Laden enjoyed his. It seems paradoxical that while the free world lived under the dark cloud of anxiety, Osama and his wives were fairly free to roam about the compound.

Now that he is dead, and Al Qaida even confirmed it today and has pledged that his blood will not be in vain, we are basically back under the state of high alert. The debate rages on as to whether President Omaba is to release photographs of the body of Osama. He has decided there is no purpose to it. The question is if Osama was captured alive, would the world feel safer?

Should the US relations with Pakistan remain the same or should it be adjusted? Were they harboring a terrorist? Please share tour comments.




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