Mary Kay Gifts For Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother Is Worth It

Mother Is Worth It


Hello world Mother’s Day 2011 is eight days away. You still have time to get mother or that “motherly” person in your life something special. That includes that grandmother, aunt, sister, teacher, just a woman who took the time to point you in the right direction or who stood up for you in spite of the pressures.

The good mothers really make great sacrifices, so on Sunday, as children we have an opportunity to give mother something she would not get for herself because she was always making the sacrifice for her children and her family. If you follow one rule this Mother’s Day, follow this one. Do not give mother any pots, pans, blenders, pressure cookers, glasses, sheets, spreads. No! Give mother something personal.

Give her a perfume, maybe she needs a new make up kit, how about some age-fighting skin care products so she can pamper herself, better yet, treat her to a spa facial, a massage, a book by her favorite author, an e-book reader, a dress, a hat, shoes. Whatever you give, just make sure it is something personal. Mother deserves that. At Mary Kay, you can get your mother a free facial, just click here and set the appointment. Mary Kay also has excellent products for her hands, face, feet, and body, and they are the best prices if you are on a budget. The Mary Kay foundation supports women and issues that relate to women especially. They give money for cancer research. They give money to domestic violence shelters, and much more.  Get mother something from Mary Kay she will love it and she will love you. Check it out here.


San Antonio Spurs Got Spurned By Memphis Grizlies

Ball Don't Lie

Ball Don’t Lie

NBA Playoffs 2011- Spurs and Done
<font color="Blue">San Antonio Spurs – Time To Rebuild</font>

Hello world,

The news of the San Antonio Spurs loss in game six of the NBA 2011 playoffs last night sent a shock around the sports world. Lovers of fundamental basketball are sad to see the Memphis Grizzlies defeat the San Antonio Spurs. They play the game based on the fundamentals, which to many is boring, but which has brought them great success over the years. They were the number one seed in the Western conference, with the best record in their conference, and second best record in the entire league and they get beaten by a number 8 seed. That was shocking.

It is definitely time to rebuild. This reminds me of when David Robinson was slowing down in his career. But after that came Tim Duncan and four championships. Now it’s time to rebuild. I don’t think they will be missed that much from the next round of the NBA 2011 playoffs.