Kate and William


Hello world,

The Royal Wedding was absolutely the place to see the latest hats. How beautiful and majestic the Queen looked in her yellow hat. Wow! If I did not like hats I would certainly want one. A woman is not fully dressed without her hat. What beautiful hats, indeed.

The royal wedding was not just about hats and fashion there was a somber message on what marriage is all about. The Bishop of London spoke quite admirably about marriage.  He said, “Marriage is a way that men and women help each other be what God meant them to be.” That is the truth. The problems occur when people forget why they are married.

I admire the maturity of Prince William. Many men twice his age don’t have that maturity. He protects Kate and he stands by her and is quick to defend her. If he remains on this path, what a fine example he will set for other men and husbands.

May Prince William and Princes Catherine have a long and happy marriage. This was not a forced marriage it was a decision of the heart. It is marvelous in our eyes. God bless them and the royal family. Isn’t Westminster Abbey one of the most beautiful churches in the world? Hats off!


The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate

William and Kate

Hello world,

The Royal Wedding is just that- royal. Full of pomp, pageantry, and regal elegance. It is good to watch it because there is so much to learn. It is beautiful.