San Antonio Spurs Are Done

Spurs Struggling

Hello world,

The top NBA teams in the Western conference 2011 playoffs are not looking good. Spurs are down 3-1 to the number eight seed, Memphis.

Tim Duncan and Tony Parker are missing in action. The San Antonio Spurs look sluggish and now you have to wonder if there is much merit to playing for top seed, getting the best record or second best record and then have nothing for the playoffs. We saw what happened with the Boston Celtics.

They were on a losing streak towards the end of the season once they realized they would not be the top seed. Now it seemed like they were definitely trying to get the Knicks in the first round. They now look very good and have momentum back on their side. The Spurs were winning and now they seem to have nothing left in the tank. Memphis just tried to get in and now they are really playing. There is very little hope for the Spurs winning that series. They are done for this season.

Now, they are not done as a team based on present composition, but they are certainly losing ground to the OKC Thunder and Memphis. Their days of dominance in the west are over. There are some new kids on the block. Tim Duncan turned 35 yesterday. He has done well to avoid serious injuries, but his days are numbered. Truly, the writing is on the wall for the teams that have not had any changes for a while. The new teams are staking their claim on the league.

Now it makes sense why Lebron James and Chris Bosh went to team up with Miami’s Dwayne Wade. Same idea in Boston and New York, otherwise everybody else is the new kid on the block and they are energized. How about Denver? They pulled out one win and that is good for them. More games tonight- enjoy!