President Trump Is Trumped Up

All TRUMPed Up!

Hello world,

The idea of Donald Trump as President seems far fetched and all “trumped” up. So too are his charges against President Barack Obama. I believe that if the “TRUMPster” keeps up his attack against the President, he will turn off many voters. We will see what happens down the road.

At this point Trump should be getting his game plan ready if he is going to run. If he is not going to run he just needs to get on with building luxury hotels and hosting the Apprentice. He cannot possibly run a campaign on whether President Obama has a real birth certificate or not. He’s already president and the issue is now moot.

If the Republicans don’t come better than what they’re doing now, then President Obama will get a second term. We want people who have a plan to put the country back at number one in all areas.

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