New York Knicks vs Boston Celtics

Hello world,

The New York Knicks are desperately in need of a Good Friday blessing. The Boston Celtics roll into the real “garden,” tonight, and we just believe that the Knicks will send them reeling. The Knicks must win tonight. Mark my words, if they do not win tonight, they will be swept by the Boston Celtics. Tonight is a pivotal night, and if Amare can stand up he has to play. Not winning game three will be like pulling them off the respirator. It will only be three days and they will not resurrect.

As I follow the series, it is very interesting and those who are rooting for Boston Celtics need to be more concerned for them than Knicks fans are about being swept. If they had just a “little bit of luck” they would be up 2-0. The New York Knicks have garnered new respect and love because of how they have been playing. They are playing with heart and it should pay off. It would be too sad if they don’t win even one game. Madison Square Garden should be rocking tonight and hopefully the New York Knicks can pull this one out. They must score over 100 if they want to win.

Today has great significance for the Knicks. This is Passover and Easter weekend for those who believe accordingly. Even though being down 2-0 looks bad, the Knicks are due for a “Good Friday” and a “resurrection” Sunday.