NBA Playoffs 2011: Lakers, Spurs, Thunder Won Big Last Night

Lakers Tie It Up 

Hello world,

Last night the NBA teams in the Western conference came out playing exciting basketball. Teams that were down bounced back and that could signal the end of the lower seeds winnings in some cases.

The Los Angeles Lakers won with Kobe Bryant scoring under twenty points. Andrew Bynum carried the team, and that showed they are getting their grove back. They may not have to go to Jamaica after all. They still look beatable, so don’t count CP3 out just yet.

The other Western conference teams also won. The San Antonio Spurs got their desperately needed win and pulled even. They should go on to win the series. Tony Parker is getting his rythm back and he is got good help last night. Tim Duncan is stirring up the fire in his belly and showing some enthusiasm. That’s a good sign for them.

Kevin Durant not just plays for the OKC Thunder, he is “thunder.” The Denver Nuggets might be the only team to get swept in the first round. The Knicks will definitely win at least one game against Boston Celtics. The New York Knicks should really be up 2-0, so they should get their first win on Friday night. Hopefully it will be a “good” Friday for them. I’ll blog about them tomorrow.