Boston Celtics Beat the Knicks- Time For Some MSG

Boston Celtics Beat Knicks- Time for Home cooking with MSG

Hello world,

I told you that if Knicks does not play up tempo basketball game and score over 100 they are going to lose by 6 points or less. Sunday they lost by two tonight they lose by three. Read my blogs.

All the people who were clamoring for them to play defense, well they’re playing it and they’re not winning any games. What do you have to say now? The knicks need to play their style. Score 150 points if you have to, just make sure your opponent score 149. The issue here is that you need defense and offense. Defense alone will not do it, you need both.

Things look bright for the Knicks because Amare was out and Billups was out. On Friday they should win game 3 if they score over 100. Anything under 100 and they lose and will get swept and that would be a shame. Knicks really need some MSG (Madison Square Garden).