Knicks Billups Out Could Be Blessing In Disguise

Not Everything Is Going Green

Hello world,

The injury to Chauncy Billups might prove a blessing to Knicks tonight.

Tony Douglas will keep Rondo on his toes, he will push the ball up the court, and play Knicks basketball. We know that if the Knicks play Boston style basketball the scores are going to be close and Ray Allen can send in a dagger 3-pointer with seconds left in the game. So, with Douglas running the point I expect the Knicks to score 120 and Boston 110.

If the scores are under 100 Knicks will lose. Check back tomorrow and we will see what happened. Again, if the New York Knicks played like they did on Sunday, they will lose by 1 or 2 points and the score will be under 100.

Boston players are tired and cannot keep up to the speed of Knicks. If Knicks slow it down – they would not be playing to their strength. Please add your comments.