The Running of the Bulls- Chicago Bulls

Hello world,

The NBA playoffs are in full swing and so far, apart from Orlando Magic, San Antonio Spurs, and Los Angeles Lakers, the top seeded teams are winning, but they are not convincing.  Again, Indiana Pacers have been able to withstand the “Bull run,” so far, and are showing they belong in the playoffs.  I did not see much of them during the regular season, so I am really surprised to see how well they are playing Chicago.  It is just a pity they did not win game one.  It seems quite a daunting task for them to upset the Bulls, but they should be able to win even one game. 

 The Chicago Bulls are relying on one player an dif he has an off night they are done.  So, looking at them going to the finals will be very challenging.  They cannot beat the Miami Heat nor the Boston Celtics with one player.  This is the playoffs and everybody ought to step up.  Had it been any other team, the Bulls would be down 0-2 right now.  Rose is blooming but it’s time for Boozer and the others to come to play and help Rose.  If rose gets worn out from the first round, what chances do they have when they get to the second round?  I am not cheering for the Bulls, except if the Celtics cannot make it over the Heat, I see them beating the Heat. 

Indiana Pacers have no reason to hang their heads.  They just need to try and win one game.  Don’t focus on winning the series against the Bulls, just try to win one while they only have one Chicago Bull do to deal with.  They don’t want a real bull run an dnow is the time to get that one win.  There are other teams who should be thinking the same.  The New York Knicks just need to win tonight.  Win tonight an dcome to MSG with the series tied and take it from there. 

I am not concerned about Chauncy Billups being out, because it is clear if the Knicks play at Celtics Speed they will always come up short.  They need Thomas to run the point and pick up the pace.  Score 120 if you can or else you will be going out in four games and with loses of 6 points or less in each game.  I am not a Knicks fan, but I love what’s going on with the Knicks.  I like it that Amare and Carmelo were not afraid to come to New York and play their hearts out. Even if you are not a Knicks fan you have to love Carmelo and Amare just because you are a New Yorker.