Lakers Stung By The Hornets

Lakers In The Hornet’s Nest

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It is hard to believe the Los Angeles Lakers got stung by the Hornets. It really was not that close. The Hornets really played them tough and that should not surprise people. The Lakers waltzed their way into the playoffs thinking they can just flick a switch and all will be well. Not so, this 2011 NBA playoffs really does not have a team that does not look vulnerable.

There is very little separation between number 1 seed and number 8 seed. The San Antonio Spurs were smothered by the Memphis Grizzlies. That should not be a shocker because San Antonio did not seem that hot to me. The New York Knicks played a great came are even though they lost to the Boston Celtics. They proved they can hang with the Celtics, so being down one game is not a big deal.

Boston is my team, but I liked how the Knicks are back in the playoffs and playing with heart. They will even the series on Tuesday night. The knicks will have to score more points if they intend to win. Who said the Knicks can’t play defense? It’s not about defense- it’s about Winning! Dah! Tell them Charlie.