Orlando Magic Lost Their Bag of Tricks

Hello World

Hello World

No Tricks – Magic Lose

Hello world,

The NBA playoffs are on in earnest and the Bulls, the Miami Heat, Dallas Mavericks all escaped with a win.Orlando Magic lost their bag of tricks and the Hawks swooped down on them before they could find it and steals game one. They are going out in the first round this time around. The Hawks were the only team who won on the road yesterday. Dwight scored his 46 but his team loss. What is that all about?

The Miami Heat barely escaped with a win. With their three superstars, I was looking for them to manhandle the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers, but they weren’t dishing out any brotherly love.

The Heat are in for a battle, so too is Chicago Bulls. Indiana Pacers came within a minute of pulling an upset and no doubt they will come back strong. The New York Knicks throw their hat on the court tonight and that is going to be a classic. Watch and enjoy!