NBA 2011 Playoffs – Will It Be The Run of the Chicago Bulls

Hello world,

The 2011 NBA playoffs is on the way and the first game up is the Chicago Bulls against the Indian Pacers. So far, the Pacers have been playing them tough and at one time had a lead of 8points. The Pacers have no pressure on them. They are the number 8th seed – the Bulls the number one seed. Is this a case of David and Goliath? Is this series going to be a Bull’s run?

The Eastern conference has four good teams and the other four are struggling. Boston just announced that Shaq will not start in game one of Celtics vs Knicks. Well, one can’t read too much into it because Shaq was a non factor for many games. If he plays he will help them but they can win without him. The Knicks are not given much of a chance, but if there is going to an upset, I believe it will be the Knicks who will upset the Celtics.

This is a great weekend. Today alone have about four games. Enjoy!