Kobe Bryant Fined- Lakers Ready For Playoffs!

Kobe Controversy Days From Playoffs

Hello world,

Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000 for making an anti- gay slur against a referee in the basketball game on Tuesday night. It was caught on camera and therefore could not be ignored. How about the VP- Joe Biden. He was caught on camera getting a shut eye during President Obama’s speech. Technology has basically put us in glass houses. But let’s go back to Kobe because I don’t Joe Biden will be fined for nodding off during the president’s speech.

The issue with Kobe is – did he say what he believed to be true or he just said it because it was what came to his mind. As long as we have been interacting with people, they have done us things that have caused us in the heat of the moment to call them names and say things that we know are not true. So, Kobe’s explanation is plausible. He will pay fine and he’ll make it back in five minutes.

My question is whether or not people are just tired of the Lakers and Kobe and want to see more of the new breed of stars. What do you think? Was the punishment handed down by the commissioner justified in your opinion?

The Los Angeles Lakers maHnage to beat the Kings and hold down the number two seed in the west. Will this fine against Kobe cause them to elevate their game and can that propel them back to the NBA title? What do you think?