NBA Playoffs 2011: Knicks and Celtics -Game 1

New York Knicks vs Boston Celtics – Bring It On!

Hello world,

Last night the Boston Celtics rested their starters against Washington. The Seventy-Sixers lost and then the Miami Heat beat Atlanta Hawks, so Boston finished third and will therefore play the number six, which happens to be the New York Knicks.

Earlier in the regular season, when there was a talk of rivalry, Paul Pierce said “what rivalry?” Well, Paul, I like Boston Celtics because I think the guys are a really nice bunch, but when Amare came to New York I was very happy for them. It still did not make me a Knicks fan, but the fact that they are trying so hard, and with the coming of Carmelo Anthony, I definitely want to see them do well.

So, Boston Celtics, you should have won your division because the New York Knicks are sending you home early this year. Hey Paul, It’s not a rivalry, it’s WINNING!