Is the New York Knicks Fool’s Gold

Knicks- Fool’s Gold In Playoffs?

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Will the New York Knicks win even one game against the Boston Celtics?

People think the Knicks can beat the Celtics. Are people fooled by how the Celtics have played down the stretch? Are they equally fooled by how the Knicks have played? Now, I am making it clear that Boston Celtics is the only team in Boston that I root for, but I like the excitement that the Knicks bring to New York. So, to that end I want to see the Knicks win, however, if the Boston Celtics win I will be happy.

Has the Knicks done anything to show that they can match up with the Celtics? I would not be surprised if the Knicks win the series. I know Carmelo came in just over a month ago and they are still working out the kinks, but every team going to the playoffs has a chance to win. The truth is, if the New York Knicks can beat Boston Celtics they can make it to the Eastern Conference finals. Would that be something?