Is the New York Knicks Fool’s Gold

Knicks- Fool’s Gold In Playoffs?

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Will the New York Knicks win even one game against the Boston Celtics?

People think the Knicks can beat the Celtics. Are people fooled by how the Celtics have played down the stretch? Are they equally fooled by how the Knicks have played? Now, I am making it clear that Boston Celtics is the only team in Boston that I root for, but I like the excitement that the Knicks bring to New York. So, to that end I want to see the Knicks win, however, if the Boston Celtics win I will be happy.

Has the Knicks done anything to show that they can match up with the Celtics? I would not be surprised if the Knicks win the series. I know Carmelo came in just over a month ago and they are still working out the kinks, but every team going to the playoffs has a chance to win. The truth is, if the New York Knicks can beat Boston Celtics they can make it to the Eastern Conference finals. Would that be something?


The Place Where the Celtics Will Weep after the Sweep

NY Knicks- Winning

This is the worlds most famous arena. This is where the Boston Celtics will go down in the 2011 NBA playoffs season. Look and weep Boston, because you will be swept very clean by the New York Knicks. This is the place.

NBA Playoffs 2011: Knicks and Celtics -Game 1

New York Knicks vs Boston Celtics – Bring It On!

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Last night the Boston Celtics rested their starters against Washington. The Seventy-Sixers lost and then the Miami Heat beat Atlanta Hawks, so Boston finished third and will therefore play the number six, which happens to be the New York Knicks.

Earlier in the regular season, when there was a talk of rivalry, Paul Pierce said “what rivalry?” Well, Paul, I like Boston Celtics because I think the guys are a really nice bunch, but when Amare came to New York I was very happy for them. It still did not make me a Knicks fan, but the fact that they are trying so hard, and with the coming of Carmelo Anthony, I definitely want to see them do well.

So, Boston Celtics, you should have won your division because the New York Knicks are sending you home early this year. Hey Paul, It’s not a rivalry, it’s WINNING!


How To Make Money On The Internet Now-Part II

Money- Some Want More and Some Need More!

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Yesterday I did part one of, How to make money on the Internet Now, because I am working on a book that really helps people who want to make some extra money online, or even people who have no income now and want to explore some business opportunities.

There are so many ideas on the Internet that you could spend so much time doing research that you never start anything. As stated in Part I, if you are going to make money whether on the Internet or off the Internet you need the basics. The first thing you need is a product to sell or a service to offer, and secondly, you need to let people know about it. In other words you need to advertise or get the word out.

The best domain name or the best business name does not guarantee that you will make a dime. How many of you in the early days of the Internet were told that you can make money while you sleep? That is true because on the Internet you are open 24/7, however, if people can’t find your business or don’t need what you’re offering, you will make zero dollars and zero cents. Even if you have the best domain name ever, even if you purchase all the “dot coms,” “dot nets,” “dot biz” and all the other “dots,” to make money you must follow some fundamental principles, two of which I have already given you.

If we go deeper and examine those two things (have a product/service and advertise), we find out that we do not have to spend time reinventing the wheel. Here’s something to think about, If a wheel is available spend time figuring out how many ways you can use the wheel. That means, one way to get started is to start with products or services that already exists, that already have the credibility and name recognition, provide training, and have a small start up cost.

It is funny how people will throw thousands of dollars at what smells like a scam, and yet can’t pay $100 to start a legitimate business. The other side of that is that some people don’t want to invest anything to start their business. Be prepared to invest something.

I mentioned Mary Kay that is running a special promotion in April. You can start your business for half the regular price, which is less than the price of a full tank of gas in many areas. Go to the Mary Kay website and get the information for yourself, then get started today.

Then there is Avon. Nearly everybody has heard about Avon. My mother used to sell Avon. Again, you make a small investment to start your business (expect to invest something). That’s another company that already has the name recognition, the credibility, the advertising, and the products, and for what they say is “little more than the cost of a lipstick,” you can get started.

There is Tupperware, health/diet systems, jewelry, travel, or even franchises that are available.

The important place to start is with the business model that best suits you. That is critical because if the model does not suit you, you are not going to put the time in and you will most get the desired results. In Part III we will look at the other end of the spectrum. There is no “wheel” invented, and you have to invent your own wheel.