How To Make Money On The Internet Now -Part I

Money, Money, Money

Hello world,

I wrote a blog a few months ago giving a few ideas on how to turn your hobby into cash. It has been one of my best read blogs. It came about because it was nearing Christmas and I was looking to make extra spending money. Prior to that I had heard of many business ideas, went to every wealth creation expo that came to my city, searched online for businesses to start, invested in a few with “credible” and “popular” spokespersons, only to find out afterwards that was not the business model for me. So my first bit of advise is to know your personality and find the business model that works best for you. I have a friend who loves to work on commission with a small base pay. If you do not like talking to people, then door to door sales is not the model to choose.

Everyone can always do with some extra cash. If you don’t need it there are many charities that could benefit, but my guess is you could use it. So, what do you do? I consider myself a veteran when it comes to getting involved in businesses. You can learn from me and steer clear of the little yet subtle missteps that I took.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Noni, but I invested in that. I made some money, but not much. Then I heard about one called Destiny Telecom, and at that time phone cards was all the rage. I invested in that too- it never worked out. Then I went to another success expo and invested in a travel company- the parent company went out of business. Then I heard about PrePaid Legal, Amway, Mellaluca, Symmetry, Mary Kay, Avon, among many others.

My first tip again, is to find the business model that best suits you. Needless to say, after trial and error I realized two main things about making money anywhere, you must have a product to sell or a service to offer. You can find something that exists already or you can create something. The next thing is you must let people know what you are doing and how to find you. In other words, don’t throw your money away on schemes where you do nothing and money just finds you. You must have a product to sell or a service to offer for a price. The bottom line is you must be prepared to do something everyday. Any business where you do nothing, invest nothing, and just sit back and wait, is not a business. Be prepared to do something.

After trying different business models I finally settled on Mary Kay. I didn’t have my own products to sell, so I decided to start with a company that was battle tested, tried, and true. If you worked it it worked for you and if you did nothing you got nothing. In the month of April you can start your Mary Kay business with $50 which is half the regular price. It is a special promotion. You can visit the website and read the information about the company for yourself. If you want to start your home based business now you can do so.