Knicks versus Heat


Knicks Holding down the 6th Spot

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The NBA playoffs are almost here. All eyes will be on the Miami Heat and their matchup with either New York Knicks or Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers. Boston seems to be dragging into the playoffs and they better come to win or else they are going home soon.<Knicks have three games to figure out who they want to match up with. Their best chances will be against the Celtics. The Heat will beat them in a series. It's a pity they wont get Atlanta because that seems to be a weakened team.

Chicago has a very good chance of getting to the NBA finals and if it is the Lakers they could win a championship before Lebron James. The playoffs promises to be great because for the first time in a long time the teams are closely matched. We just saw the defending champions losing five in a row. Last year Kevin Durant almost knocked them out. Tomorrow’s games will be very interesting.