Boston Red Sox -Oh and Six!

Boston Tea Party- The Yankees Come To Fenway Park.

Hello world,

The 2011 Baseball season has completed one week and already there are two winless teams. The surprise is that the two teams are Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays. At the start of the season everyone but New York Yankee fans gave Boston the division championship without a game played and they are 0-6. Well, that is why they play the games on the field and not in an armchair.

The Red Sox have been playing away from home, so today they are hoping for some home cooking and a little Boston Tea Party with the New York Yankees. The Yankees are trying to keep pace with Texas Rangers while keeping an eye on Baltimore, so they will be very happy to send Boston to an 0-7 and then put them behind the proverbial eight ball tomorrow. They send Phil Hughes to the mound in Fenway Park this afternoon in the hopes of a good outing.

Home openers are always great and the home team certainly doesn’t want to lose. On that note it is expected that the Boston Red Sox will win this one. Ever since the Yankees lost three in a row and let the Boston Red Sox come back and win the World Series, they have approached the Red Sox with some mental blocks.

Although I will be rooting for the Yankees, I will not be surprised if the Red Sox wins the series. I hope the Yankees “fight” their way through. Phil Hughes just does not garner much confidence among Yankees nation. It is early in the season so Boston Red Sox will win some and Yankees will lose some. Just root for your team and enjoy the series.