Lebron James Buys A Piece of English Soccer Club- Liverpool

Lebron James- NBA’s Billionaire

Hello world,

Lebron James has made the news for a number of reasons, mostly good. I think people will not forgive him for “The Decision” show. He had a right to leave Cleveland Cavaliers if he wanted to so that’s fine. It’s the way he did it. But that aside, Mr. James has conducted himself admirably for a 26 year old.

He has had to deal with the issues surrounding his parents, but he still holds his head up high. Even today his mother Gloria James is making the news again. Lebron is loyal to his friends. He creates a company and rather than going to big time agents he uses his close friends. That’s great. He associates with the Warren Buffetts of this world, again, all very admirable. He does not just buy a bunch of stuff, he becomes an investor and that is great.

<As a soccer fan I loved Liverpool football club. It is a profitable club and to be even a minority owner is an awesome thing.Lebron James ought to be congratulated on his business savvy. He won’t be the first billionaire athlete because Tiger Woods already has that distinction, however, he will eventually get there.

Love him or hate him at 26 years of age he is doing much better that some twice his age. The take away from all of this is to become a prudent investor. Saving is not going to get you anything but fees. Become an investor today.