Dancing With The Stars 2011 Season- Wendy Williams The Fallen Star!

Wendy Williams- Still A Star

Hello world,

I love to watch Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) and when they announced the 2011 season line up, I only knew about five of the stars. Wendy Williams was one that I knew from watching her show sometimes. Now that the show is really kicking into high gear I am becoming more familiar with the stars and that is making the show more meaningful to watch.

I knew Wendy Williams had personality and I thought she could dance. Well, now we know dancing is not her strength, but I believe that if she exuded more confidence she would still be dancing. I certainly did not like the low scores the judges gave her. I thought they were just uncalled for.

I know she did not exude the type of confidence we were expecting, but she was really trying to get her techniques down. When I saw that the judges gave her such a low score on Monday I knew she would be gone on Tuesday night. I thought she and Sugar Ray Leonard had the most difficulties with dancing, but Sugar Ray Leonard is a performer and he really is beginning to exude that confidence.

I think Wendy Williams was beginning to get it but the judges didn’t want to wait. She had a rough schedule. She had to fly out to New York every Wednesday morning and that put her at a disadvantage in terms of practice. Nonetheless, she never made any excuses and I believe she won over more people at the end than at the beginning. She is a star of course and I am sure she is better for the experience.

The take away from this is that you must exude confidence even if on the inside you have no idea what you’re doing. So people of the world, go out there today and show your confidence.