The Butler Didn’t Do It – Connecticut Did!

Connecticut Are National Championships of the NCAA Basketball

Hello world,

Congratulations to the Connecticut Huskies (UConn) for winning the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship last night.I don’t care about “pretty” or not, they won because they didn’t give up at half time they came back with a plan and they won. Butler fought a good fight just to get to the championship game
and they just ran out of gas. They are a superb team and if they stay the same they will be back next year.

UConn is a picture of determination, fight, mental toughness, guts, and then finally glory. They battled their way through the Big East and beat Louisville. They came into the NCAA not as favorites, not as a number one seed, but they just worked hard and played hard. This is just one time when the “Butler didn’t do it.” Congratulations UConn! Congratulations Connecticut! You did it! Great! Great! Great!

People of the world, never, ever give up no matter if everybody is against you. UConn beat some good teams like Michigan State, Kentucky, and Texas during the regular season, and they lost four of their last five in the regular season, and people wrote them off. They didn’t listen to the “experts,” they didn’t listen to “Vegas,” they listened to their coach and they believed in themselves.

Look at Butler- they were in the championship game last year, yet few people had them going that far this year. They didn’t listen to people, they listened to their coach (and what a classy guy he is), they believed in themselves and they gave it their best. Yes, they didn’t win, but they played to the end. That is the take away. Never, ever give up. Play to the end.

The Butler didn’t do it this time- Connecticut did it. Congratulations UConn. Enjoy your victory.