President Obama Launches 2012 Campaign: Change or Hope for We The People

We Know Hope Is Not A Strategy

Hello world,

By now you have gotten an email or heard on the news that President Obama is seeking re-election. He is doing it at a time when his approval rating is at its lowest. Is that the audacity of hope or what?

Well, someone said hope is not a strategy. In other words they need something a little nore practical than hoping. The truth is if you understand hope as having a confident expectation of the future or of what you are expecting, it could be part of the strategy. Keeping hope alive is a challenge especially if you have been doing it for a long time.

So then, how about change?. We could look at change in several ways. Change Obama or Obama change what he is doing? The President campaigned on the idea of change. What about change? Is it still change or is more hope? Is change a strategy? We can only wait now for about 20 other democrats to pop up and make it all confusing. It happens all the time. Maybe the catch word this time around should be pray. Let’s hope and pray for the best.