Baseball 2011:Boston Red Sox Need Their Poker Face

Boston Red Sox Need their Poker Face in Texas

Hello world,

The Texas Rangers got the memo from the Yankees and they are beating up the Boston Red Sox. I don’t hear the two people who said Boston will win it all saying anything now. We know it is too soon to gloat, but with Boston 0-2 it makes the 2-0 New York Yankee fans very happy.

The Texas Rangers is a very good team without Cliff Lee. They were very tough last year and they knocked the Yankees out of the World Series. We know things will get better for the Boston Red Sox, but we just hope they play Texas many more times. Alright, let’s get back to reality. The Yankees had another good win over the Detroit Tigers, which is also no push over. Right now the batting and the bowling for the Yankees is solid and consistent and that is all we can ask for.

Then how about the Baltimore Orioles! They had a good 3-1 win last night. They could be a team under the radar so keep an eye on them. Well, today all the other teams should get going and tomorrow we will see what’s going on with other teams. This 2011 baseball season is going to be very exciting. Enjoy! Check back on Monday.