Baseball 2011 Season Openers- Boston Red Sox and New York Mets Lose

Baseball 2011 Season Now In Full Swing

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The 2011 Major League Baseball Season is in full swing. Stadiums are full of life and excitement all over the country as fans show up to cheer for their teams. They know everybody is starting at zero and have the opportunity to chart their course, which they all hope will lead to the world series in 0ctober.

Similarly, everyday we get up with an opportunity to chart our course for the day based on the goals we have set. If we have no goals we will waste the day and miss our destination.

Opening day was Thursday, and by Friday all teams should have played at least one game. Some teams opened away from home and it’s not clear if for some that was good or bad.

The Mets started the season like how they ended last season- they lost. The Florida Marlins is a good team and they seem to have the Mets number. The Phillies had a nice come from behind win over Houston and looked pretty good. Another team I had my eyes on was Boston Red Sox. Thank goodness Texas beat them.

Since I am a Yankee fan, I am very pleased that Boston lost. My hope is for a New York Yankees win in the Bronx this afternoon.

Of course, it is by no means any indication on how the season is going to go, but it is good to start on a winning note. Enjoy the games today.