Go Daddy CEO and the Elephant

There is an uproar among animal rights group over the video of Go Daddy’s CEO and founder, Bob Parsons, who killed an elephant while on vacation in Zimbabwe, Africa on March 8.  He believes he is doing a good job by killing the elephant and providing meat for the villagers.  Now, let’s do a little bit of critical thinking here.  Is killing one elephant going to provide meat first of all, for all the villagers, and secondly, is it going to provide meat everyday.  No.  So, based on that you can see why the animal rights people are outraged.  Consider these thoughts and then please leave your comments.

  1. There is a saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.”  The idea here is not to give villagers elephant meat for a day or even teach them how to kill an elephant.  But the idea is to give people the kind of help that is lasting.
  2.  The issue here is if Go Daddy’s CEO, who is a millionaire goes to Africa and sees the villagers suffering, why not set up a fund or something whereby these villages can learn a trade or skill, or be provided with resources that once it is established, it will keep on providing the proverbial “meat” every day and for years to come.