NCAA Final Four- The Unlikely Suspects

Not Your Usual Suspects

Hello world,

Have you been following the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament? It has been real madness. How many experts or fans guessed that Kentucky, Butler, Connecticut and VCU would still be “dancing?”

I know I have Kentucky and Connecticut going pretty deep on one bracket sheet, but I
Know I am not one of the two people who out of over 2 million fans on ESPN bracket challenge got the final four correct.

Now when you look at it seemed as if careful analysis would have brought more people to this final four. Afterall, Butler just missed out of the winnings last year. Connecticut played their heart out in the Big East Championships. Kentucky we know is a perennially good team. VCU should have been the only to throw us off. They had to do a “play-in” game to get to the 64. So, why didn’t more people get it?