Derek Jeter and the Yankees in 2011

2011 Baseball Season

Derek Jeter- The Real Captain Crunch for the New York Yankees

Hello world,

The 2011 baseball season is almost here.

The teams are going through their final paces and in a week it will be time to “play ball.” As with anything you are about to embark on, you are excited to begin. All the teams start at zero and begin to head towards their goal one game at a time.

Last season was a disappointment for those that never even made the playoffs. Those that are expected to win from year to year, like the NY Yankees fell short. It’s not that Texas was unhittable, they believed the lie. It’s a new season now and they have to put that behind them.

<Derek Jeter, "captain crunch" of the NY Yankees understands this. In an interview with Michael Kay of ESPN NY yesterday, he was asked about his performance last season. Derek Jeter made it quite clear that he was not going to dwell on what happened last year. He acknowledge he did not score as he wanted to, but he was not going focus on his stats and forget the goal of the team. I thought, that is the lesson we need to learn in life.

Learn to forget even the good things and the successes of the past and learn to start with a clean slate. Start each day with a clean slate. Don’t bring the “weights” of yesterday over to today. Learn the lesson from Yankees Captain, Derek Jeter- now is all that matters. Make the most of now.


Go Yankees!