Elizabeth Taylor Dead at 79- A Real Diamond Will Sparkle No More

Elizabeth Taylor-Gone But Not Forgotten

Hello world,

The news just broke that Elizabeth Taylor passed away early this morning from congestive heart failure. She was 79 years old.  Her family was at her bedside.  No matter what we thought of her with her seven marriages, Elizabeth Taylor was truly one of the greatest actresses of all time.  The world has truly lost an icon.  May her soul rest in peace.

Elizabeth Taylor was one of those persons in Hollywood who fascinated us with her movie roles as well as with her off-screen life.  Sometimes that even seemed like a movie.  How about marrying one person twice and divorcing them?  But nobody is perfect and tha is what probably fascinates us about people who live in the proverbial “fishbowl.”   

Not since Marilyn Munroe was there another actress so beautiful, so poised, so lovely, and so captivating as the one and only Elizabeth Taylor.  Her roles in movies like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and Cleopatra were masterpieces. Her stand as a spokesperson for HIV/AIDS and other humanitarian issues cannot be over emphasized. Elizabeth Taylor was simply the best at everything she did.


As someone who loves White Diamond perfume, Elizabeth Taylor is truly a diamond. She is gone, but will certainly not ever be forgotten.  Thank God memories do not leave like people do.  We will certainly cherish the memories she gave us.  Rest in peace, Elizabeth.


2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Taylor Dead at 79- A Real Diamond Will Sparkle No More

  1. Great post. I love the simplicity. I also love the quote. Today is really all we have and we cannot boast of tomorrow because today is the day. Tomorrow is not promised to any one of us no matter who we are. Elizabeth Taylor got it right.

  2. It’s terrible, but someone with so many beautiful films to her name can never be forgotten. RIP.

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