The NY Knicks and Celtics Free Fall

Knicks and Celtics

Hello world,

Since the NBA trade deadline and teams made their moves, it seems as if two teams who were making progress are now in a free fall. What is really going on?

People say the Knicks do not play defense and you cannot win without defense. The Boston Celtics is a great defensive team and yet they have been losing games they were supposed to win. They got blown out by the Atlanta Hawks last night. So what is the deal? The Heat are on a roll and seem to be getting their act together. So what is going on with the Knicks and Celtics.

The Knicks need to learn the art of the close. In sales you make your sales pitch as best as you know how but you won’t make any money if you do not get the sale. How to get the sale is the art of the close. There is a certain technique to it. The Knicks are playing the game (making their pitch) for three quarters, but in the fourth quarter when they are to lock down teams they get careless and let up (they don’t get the sale) and they don’t get the win.

What is preventing the Knicks from winning consistently is that they play to the level of their competition. It has nothing to do with defense. When it’s the Heat, Spurs, Magic, Bulls – they play and win. When it’s Cleveland, Philly, and Detroit they lose.

The Boston Celtics traded away Perkins hoping for Shaq to get well. They seem to have lost sight of their goal. Time for the Doc to write the prescription.