March Madness- The Regional Madness

South West Region-The Bracket

Hello world,

In the South West region of the NCAA tournament, I think Kansas will go to the finals and play for the championship. In their first game I expect a competitive game from Boston, but they will prevail. Kevin Anderson the point guard for Richmond is an excellent ball distributor and they could beat Vanderbilt.
Louisville should beat Morehead. The other teams coming out of this region could be Georgetown and Notre Dame. Kansas will be in the finals.

In the South East region teams like Pittsburgh,
Old Dominion (good rebounding team),
Kansas State, Wisconsin, St John’s – (loss of Kennedy is big but they can win) should get to round two.

Also from the SE there are good match-ups between
UCLA and Michigan. UCLA has size and they should win. I believe Florida and
Pitt will make it to the final four.

I have three sheets only. For this blog, my final four is Pittsburgh, Florida, Kansas, and Ohio State. I expect Ohio State to win it all. The March Madness begins in a few hours. Enjoy!