NCAA March Madness 2011- The Teams Revealed

Hello World,

The 68 teams for the NCAA Men’s Basketball 2011 Tournament has been announced, and there are a few teams who will not be going to the dance. Too bad they didn’t have a fairy godmother to help them.

Such is life. It just doesn’t always work in our favor. Many people have the view that if a team played great all year, even though they did not win a conference they should make it to the NCAA Tournament. Based on the talk, at least two teams who fit this criteria are left out. They are Virginia Tech and Colorado. They can only hope to win their conference next year and get to the dance.

Well, from now until Wednesday I will be taking a quick look at some of the match-ups. St. John versus Gonzaga and Memphis against Arizona in the first round is going to be great. St. John is long overdue to be back in the NCAA tournament. They are without their best player, but they are expected to get to the second round. Gonzaga has lost their intrigue, they have returned their “glass slipper” and that’s it.

Memphis versus Arizona is going to be a great match-up. Who will win? I think Memphis has been playing consistent basketball and I give them the edge for that reason. Arizona is a confident team, they have excellent players, if they can minimize turnovers, they could hang on for a win. Let’s wait and see, afterall, that is why they play the game.