Spring Cleaning For Your Skin

How To Prevent Dry Skin

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It is March 13, the first day of daylight saving time and that can only mean one thing- spring is in the air. If you have been having a rough winter you don’t mind losing an hour of sleep because that signals longer daylight hours, and less grumpy people. It is also the time to do a little spring cleaning.

In this blog we will talk about our skin rather than our house. All seasons have an effect on your skin. Your skin is the largest organ, but many times you don’t think of it that way. Well, what does your skin need? A simple and basic skin care regimen is cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize. If you are not doing this you do not have a skin care regimen and your skin is making you look older than you really are. If you are a teenager you need to be on a skin care regimen.

The winter weather has dried out your skin. That is made worse because most people do not drink enough water, so their skin is dry. Harsh weather and dry skin are not good for your skin. Soap also dries out your skin and leaves the same scum on your skin as what is left on your shower curtain. So what do you do?

Make sure you find a product line that at least has products to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. I love Mary Kay and have a personal beauty consultant who keeps my skin looking younger, firmer, and well moisturized especially during the winter. In spring I get a complete makeover (spring skin cleaning).


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