Tsunami And Quake In Japan

The news this morning is really terrible and our hearts go out to the people of Japan as they grapple with the earthquake and tsunami. To see the devastation is really unbelievable.  All countries along the earthquake fault line are bracing themselves for what could happen in places like California and Hawaii.  The magnitude of the quake was reported as 8.9 on the Richter scale. That is very big and we can only hope that the death toll will remain small.  The Sendai airport in Japan is under water and with at least 50 aftershocks already, Japanese still have to be cautious.  We can only pray for them and hope for the best.

In Hawaii, 7 foot waves hit them around 9am this morning.  Then in the eastern coastal region of the US, especially in New Jersey, flooding has already resulted in evacuations in areas like Pequannock, where the river of the same name continues to rise.  Over 1300 homes have already been evacuated.  Once again we see how powerful and unpredictable nature is.  I have experience earth tremors and that was scary, so I can just imagine how terrible an earthquake is.  One has to just wonder what is really going on in the world as far as climate goes.  In New York we have had record snowfalls, there was so much snow on the street one time, it was almost blinding.  We can only take the necessary precautions, heed the warnings and hope for the best.