Miami Heat Beat Lakers – No Crying On The Beach

Lakers Washed Up On South Beach

Hello World,

The Miami Heat ends their five game losing streak by beating the Lakers, and somebody needs to tell Dwayne Wade that the world is not a better place. There is no crying on the beach and that’s not good for the rest of the world. It seems people were happy with the Heat’s losing streak. Anyway, the Heat seems to have the Lakers number.

The Lakers were coming off an eight game win streak and certainly were not desperate. The Heat were desperate and they played up to the significance of the game. Lebron James came through for his team as promised. What is the real significance of this win for the Heat? They have beaten the Lakers twice now and that’s worth some consideration.

The reason we have to give the win some consideration is simply because the Heat has mostly been losing games by five points or less. I believe with playoffs implications as it relates to first round match ups, we can expect to see the Heat winning more close games. Watch out world!